Behind every spoon of yoghurt, every lick of ice-cream and every slice of cheese there is a fascinating story. No, it is not the story of our galaxy – the Milky Way. But this is the story of milk itself.

Cows Our dairy herd is comprised mostly of selectively bred female Holstein cattle, which is the world’s most productive dairy cow. They are beautiful black-and-white cattle which start producing milk after they have given birth to a calf.
Feeding Cows love to eat lots of silage, hay, straw, corn and barley. To produce enough fresh milk, one cow can eat up to 70 kg of grass-based animal feed per day.
Milking Our automated milking parlours provide a smooth, efficient and safe way for milking cows. In our loose-housed farms the dairy cows are milked 3 times a day and can give milk all year round.
Transport Every day in each of our farms the milk is cooled and safely stored in sizable 16 tonne milk tanks. Then it is transported to a nearby processing plant where it is carefully tested for quality.
Processing Fresh milk is then pasteurised and homogenised, and used in the production of healthy and delicious dairy end-products such as milk, yoghurt, curd and cheese.
Consumers The dairy products are then packaged and shelved in local shops ready for the end consumers to indulge in tasteful delights.